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Since 1989, Kapwa Ko Mahal Ko has been running a support group for children with Acute Lymphocytic Leukemia (ALL) and other related illnesses. Originally called Batang Kapwa (Batang K for short). ALL is a serious type of cancer that commonly affects children below ten years old. With regular treatment and follow-up, children are highly likely to survive this disease. But for families who could barely make their ends meet, treatment for ALL costs them more than an arm and a leg.
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The Batang Kapwa Program--BK for short--is a special support group organized for children suffereing from Acute Lymphocytic Leukemia. While most still considered cancer as a death sentence, modern medical science had already found ways to arrest the growth of certain types of cancers in children. Treatment may take months or years, BUT the chances of survival are now good, assuming they finish the required treatment.

However, for some, a child with cancer can push the entire family into poverty and despair. Mounting debt occurs as these indigent families try to meet the needs for regular and continuous chemotherapy which can cost up to PhP40,000.00 per month. Many indigent families can not afford the critical last few months of treatment and just give up. There was, and still is, a need to help make these children cancer warriors, who fight this disease with patience, perseverance and faith. Thus, a medical and social assistance program for children with curable cancers was launched.

The project continues to drum up support for:

    - medical care and chemotherapy
    - support group activities for psycho-social needs of children with cancer
    - counseling and support activities for indigent families of children with cancer
    - learning activities for children who may have to stop schooling because of chemotherapy
    - information campaigns to detect early signs of cancer in children

Meet a 2018 BK Graduate

Juanito and Angeline were blessed with 4 children. Princess Ivy is the 3rd child. In 2014, she experienced on and off fever, bruises all over her body and she turned pale. After a series of laboratory tests, Princess Ivy was diagnosed with Acute Lymphocytic Leukemia. However, they overcame the ordeal. Being cancer free,  Princess can now focus on school and continue her love for learning. According to her mother, through interacting with fellow BK members she learnt to be social and playful.

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How You Can Help


    - Share the Batang K program to others (e.g.. on social media, in public platforms, to friends and family).
    - Create partnerships for the program that help the kids even more.
    - learning activities for children who may have to stop schooling because of chemotherapy

b) Give joy to the Batang K members

    - Celebrate occasions with the kids and give them a special experience they would never forget.
    - Design an activity to help empower these kids and instill even more hope.
    - Sponsor a fun day. Let them forget their worries and just be a child again even for a day.

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