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Give2Achieve is Virlanie's fundraising campaign for street children's education programs (Magellan Learning Center, SiBuHi Center for Creativity and Development, and Independent Living Program). Give2Achieve helps them to be school ready, job ready, and life ready!
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Who is Virlanie? 

Virlanie Foundation is a child-caring non-government institution certified and accredited by the Department of Social Welfare and Development. It was established in 1992 by Dominique Lemay, a French social worker, with the help of his Filipino friends. Virlanie cares for children in need of special protection - those who are among the poorest of the poor, the abandoned, abused, exploited, neglected, and orphaned. Through its various programs and services, the foundation strives to build a better future for these children by "giving back their smiles."

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What is Give2Achieve?

Give2Achieve is Virlanie's fund-raising campaign for its Educational Programs that will run for 2 months. At Virlanie, we believe that one of the key components of the rehabilitation of former street children is to educate them even if it means that we need to go the extra mile. We ensure that all of our children are given access to quality education in order to unleash their learning potential and to empower them to break the intergenerational cycle of poverty. To aid  this effort, we established the Magellan Learning Center (MLC), SiBuHi Center for Creativity and Development, and Independent Living Program (ILP) , three of our many support programs to balance inequalities in opportunities. 

Magellan Learning Center            

    Magellan Learning Center                             SiBuHi                              Independent Living Program


Magellan Learning Center (MLC)

MLC is handled by professional teachers who give children tutorials in Math, English, and other core subjects. They provide the children with tutorial services to help them cope with their academic difficulties in formal school. It also serves as a venue for the education of those children who have no access to quality education, along with children who has just entered Virlanie and have never been to school.


2015 Data

SiBuHi Center for Creativity and Development

        SIning (Art), BUhay (Life) and HIlom (Healing)

Created in 1997, SIBUHI provides a safe and child-friendly venue for children to freely express their feelings, emotions and experiences artistically and creatively. Through visual arts (painting, art & crafts, etc.), sports (baseball, soccer, badminton, basketball, etc.), or music (choir, piano lessons, etc.), the children discover and develop their talents. These activities reinforce the children’s self-esteem and self-confidence.


2015 Data

Independent Living Program (ILP)

Virlanie Foundation used to run two programs, YAP and LIFE, for the young adults under its care. These programs were merged in 2015 to become ILP, which aims to empower and support the young adults to become self-sustaining and independent individuals.

Under the program’s main activities are efforts to:
1. Strengthen the young adults’ leadership, professional skills, life skills, and core values;
2. Educate them on environment conservation and responsibility;
3. Prepare them to face practical challenges like looking for a place to live, finding a job, and managing
one’s budget; and
4. Monitor the progress of the young adults who are living independently to make sure that they are
transitioning well.


2015 Data 

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Click Here to read more about our Programs in the 2015 Annual Report

What is our Goal?

Our Gava Goal is 10,000 USD (500,000 PHP) which is part of our over-all goal of 40,000 USD (2 Million Pesos) for 2 months.. All support given will be redirected to our educational support programs to help fund and unleash street-children learning potential. In our commitment to trust and transparency, our Annual Reports contain the Financial Reports for every fiscal year. 


Where Will Your Support Go?

 PHP 500 (10 USD)

  1. 6 months worth of MLC for 1  Street child
  2. 1 Day worth of Computer Training for 1 Young Adult

PHP 1,000 (20 USD)

  1. Job readiness training (full training - 6 sessions) for 1 young adult
  2. 1 year in MLC for 1 child (Discovering Me, PreSchooler, Early Start) etc.)
  3. 1 month of Arts & Crafts training for 3 kids

PHP 2,000 (40 USD)

  1. 1 day of computer training for 20 young adults
  2. Leadership training (full training) for 1 young adult
  3. 1 year in MLC (Mental Math, Let’s Read and Count, Level up Class)  for 2 children (Herrod)

PHP 2,500 (50 USD)

  1. 6 Months worth of Choir training for one child
  2. 1 Year worth of MLC support to 2 street children (tutorial services, ALS, etc.)
  3. 6 Months worth of ILP support to one beneficiary (Self Awareness Workshop, Goal Setting and Decision Making, etc.)

 All support given will be mentioned  and given thanks in our Facebook Page  :)

 Meet Juliet

Juliet is one of our many  beneficiaries for  both MU and MLC.


Excerpts from the Article:  

For a common observer, Juliet, 17, (name has been changed to protect identity) look like any other girls of her age. However, she had quite an extraordinary childhood—Juliet used to roam the streets of Metro Manila from a very young age. Her single mother was unemployed, so she was forced to work so she can buy food.

Juliet shared, “I used to ride jeepneys and clean the passenger’s shoes hoping they give me money”, the teenager recalls. She pauses. Talking about her past doesn’t come easy. “You know… my mother used to physically abused me.” She mutters. In the street, she faced more abuse, disease and exploitation. Facing this harsh reality, going to school became optional and finishing her education, a distant dream.








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 Last July 7,  2017, Virlanie Foundation in partnership with Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf, Fundr by CustomThread, and Gava Gives held the media launch of Give2Achieve: Unleash Street Children's Learning Potential. Hopefully, this event would jumpstart the campaign and increase the reach for the good cause of raising funds for our  educational programs . We'd like to thank the media organizations who attended the event! The world needs more people like you who truly care to see the children destroy barriers and end intergenerational poverty. Til next time, friends!

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