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Please give our daddy another chance to see us grow up and become the people he dreamed we would be.
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Dear kind stranger,

Please help us give daddy another chance to go back to normal.

Daddy is a kind and loving man. He is a responsible husband to Mommy and he was always someone who had the biggest smile on his face. He was the kind of daddy who would always make time to play at night before bedtime. Deep inside, he was a kid at heart.

40554312_1562837958498366_r.jpegLeft to Right: Daddy Jaime, Sophia (6 yo), Liam (1 yo), Mommy Shayne


He was hard-working. Probably even too hard at times when he would suffer and endure pain in silence just so he can work and provide for our family

The time came when he couldn't bear it anymore.

He started to lose his sight and could not even drive himself to work because the daylight was too much for his eyes. He was having severe headaches and what seemed like a harmless floater in the eye became a major problem. He needed to stop working.  We needed to stop playing.

We went to the doctor in Septemeber of 2018 and he was diagnosed with Posterior Uveitis and we were told that he needed eye surgery costing more than $2,000 (P120,000). We raised the amount by selling shirts for a cause and by February 2019, the operation was done.


40554312_1562839419775698_r.jpegFebruary 2019, eye surgery on his right eye.

We thought it was over.

March of 2019 we noticed that his eyes and skin are starting to get yellow. We met with a gastroenterologist and with the labs that were done, it was confirmed that he had Hepatitis B. The virus count was too high that the machine wasn't able to give a numerical finding for his HPV DNA test.

April of 2019 Mommy noticed that he wasn't having proper conversations already. She started asking for details and it was then that we discovered that he didn't know his name and he didn't know who we were. We rushed him to the hospital and he was diagnosed with hepatic encephalopathy. That one-week hospital stay cost more than $1000 (P50,000).


Daddy went home and started recovering up to this point.  In this picture, he was already starting to walk again. He didn't need adult diapers. He didn't need help during meals. He didn't have problems taking his meds.

He was even able to carry Liam on his lap again to watch Cocomelon (Liam's favorite channel)

We thought it was over - again.

His health started deteriorating in May. By June, he needed to be in a wheelchair. He couldn't eat properly and he was even worse than he was in April.


June 17, 2019, we went to his neurologist and he requested for him to be admitted to the hospital right away. Daddy's condition wasn't looking good. He was diagnosed with mild stroke right away and with stage 4 hepatic encephalopathy with consideration for infections.

June 19, 2019, we transferred to the ICU for close monitoring. That was also the time when he started to lose his consciousness. He started to sleep more and became very hard to awaken.

The day came where he just wasn't able to wake up anymore.


The doctors were confused. Hepatic enceph alone could not have caused the unconsciousness and consistent fever. There could be an underlying disease. In the suspect of having an infection, the doctors gave him 3 kinds of antibiotics, to no avail. The fever continued and he was still unconscious.

Several laboratories were done and they all turned out to be normal or negative. It was a relief but it left us all in confusion. We were willing to go home against doctor advice in the hopes that we can heal him at home.

The doctors requested the last few test - EEG, MRI and MRA. They said if it's not an infection, it can be autoimmune

When the results came in, it was confirmed that daddy had CNS demyelinating disease. An autoimmune disease that makes his body attack his own myelin which is an important part of the nervous system to transmit messages to the brain. This must be the reason why he remains unconscious.

Now we have a lead. Finally. But that also means we have to stay longer in the ICU.

As of writing, July 13, 2019, it has been almost a month since we brought daddy here in the hospital. He is still not conscious and the doctors say that his recovery can be a very long process. Not to mention the risks that are involved with the treatment. 

We have spent more than $2000 (P100,000) in the last three weeks. We will be taking steroids for the autoimmune that costs more than $60 (P3,000) a day. Not to mention the human albumin that also costs the same. 

We are willing to fight for daddy. We will never give up on him which is why we are starting this campaign. 

In the coming days, we will be needing another $5000 to keep up with the hospital bill and medications in case the hospital won't allow us to charge our medicines to the social service grant anymore. That means we need to buy EVERYTHING IN CASH.

Please give our daddy another chance.

Another chance to love Mommy and continue their beautiful love story.

Another chance to work for our family's dream, pursue his passions, and to paint more pictures.

Most importantly, another chance to take care of us, to see our smiles, to see us grow up and become the people that he has always wanted us to be.

We have so many dreams and plans for our young family. Please help us make them happen. Please give them another chance.


Thank you in advance!

We will be forever grateful to you,

Mommy, Sophia, and Liam


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