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My mother, Imelda Nartea, wants to live to be a hundred but she lately had been complaining about tummy ache, then difficulty urinating and vaginal bleeding. Surely, she isn't in her best health. She has been diagnosed with stage 3B cervical cancer. She flew from our city of Tacloban to Manila to receive treatment but sadly, our family does not have enough financial resources to support her in this ordeal. This is my small way of helping out. I may not have the financial resources but I have faith that my mother will able to overcome, I believe in the goodness of others and in karma, that the good we do in this life will come back to us in some form at some point. It is my hope that my mother will be spared with your kindness to help her in this biggest court trial in her life, her trial against the big C. Thank you very much!
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My mother, Imelda Nartea, wants to live to be a hundred.  Growing up, this is what I heard from her. When she turned 67 last year, she started to fear her next birthday.  This is because her mother, my grandmother Pastora, died at the age of 68. A month ago, she had been complaining about tummy ache, which eventually made it difficult for her to urinate.  And at some point, she had vaginal bleeding.

My mother is a fighter, if she can handle her battles on her own, she would secretly battle them.  But when I noticed that she bought feminine pads, I asked her why and she told me about her bleeding.  With a round of tests in a local hospital here in Tacloban City, the results came in as Cervical Cancer Stage 3B.  Since there are better facilities in the metro, my mother is now in Manila where she will receive radiation therapy and other treatments for cervical cancer.  

My mother, Imelda, is the most giving person I know.  Growing up, I saw that she never hesitated to give without expecting anything in return.  As the eldest in her brood, she helped her brothers and sisters and their families. She also helped relatives, nephews and nieces, friends, former workmates, acquaintances, and random strangers in any way she could, mostly financially.  I resented this about her, because she gave and gave without even being able to build a lot for her retirement days. But I realized, she only helped out because of the goodness of her heart. At this point, I wish her goodness will eventually come back to her.  

She is a lawyer by profession and was into government service as provincial legal officer in the Province of Leyte before her mandatory retirement in 2016.  A lot of people called her “Atty. T.Y.” or “Attorney Thank You” because if she learned that the people she’s serving could not afford the fees, she would waive them.  Thank you’s and in-kind fees like a bunch of bananas and what-not’s were always a constant thing. This campaign is my way of saying thank you to my mother for all her sacrifices and hard work, not only for us, her family, but for every person’s life she touched.  

Our available financial resources will not be enough to cover the initial three months of her treatment.  Because of this, I am appealing for any help you could give. A Php1000 ($20), Php500 ($10) or even a Php100 ($2) donation will go a long way to help her with her treatment.  She will need to get 30 sessions of radiotherapy that costs P2500 per session, four sessions of brachytherapy that will amount to P150,000 and six sessions of chemotherapy at P15,000 per session.  

I am Patrina Kaye Nartea Caceres, Imelda’s youngest of four children and only daughter, and I am humbly asking for any help you could give my mother.  My three brothers, Lem and his son, Frandon, Leo and his wife Betsy and their daughter, Eija, and Jed (who has autism) and I wish to see her fulfill her dream of living to be a hundred… And more.  Even if you cannot give an amount, the simple gesture of sharing this fundraising link is more than enough to help us. Again, thank you in advance! God bless you a hundredfold!

Patrina Kaye Caceres
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