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Let us bring Apo-Dios to life!

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Naimbag nga aldaw! We are a group of passionate, college students who are currently aiming to work on our first, dark comedy, short film project entitled Apo-Dios. This story revolves around a man's journey to cure his longing for his deceased, beloved wife. Apo-Dios also shows the greater extent, of what a man can do for the sake of love. Due to the fact that we are still students, and are of limited resources, we humbly ask for your kind donations, to help us fund our artwork that only exists in each of our creative minds. FOR NOW... So, with high hopes and dreams, help us achieve our goal and share with you, what a bunch of dedicated individuals can do, when they all unite to act as one, and produce numerous works of art from the heart. Agyamanak, mayeg ti naimbag nga aldaw kenka!
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Recto, Sampaloc, Manila, Sampaloc, Metro Manila, Philippines
CineMabuya Films are composed of different, passionate individuals who are striving to spark a contribution in the field of movie-making. Due to the fact that they are still students, and are equipped with limited resources, CineMabuya humbly asks for your kind donations to help them fund the artwork that only exists within their creative minds...FOR NOW.
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