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Apollo Restaurant, Hilado St., Bacolod City, Visayas, Philippines
COMMUNITY ANIMAL RESCUE EFFORTS (C.A.R.E), INC. is a SEC registered privately funded animal rescue organization in Bacolod. C.A.R.E. is run by private individuals, and volunteers whose commitment, dedication and love for stray, abandoned, neglected and abused animals are beyond measure. The purpose of the shelter is to rehabilitate rescued, abused, neglected and abandoned animals both physically and emotionally while finding them a FUREVER homes. ur Beliefs We believe that all animals deserve a SAFE and HAPPY homes to live out their lives. We believe that all animals deserve a second chance. We believe that public education on responsible pet ownership is the key to reducing the problem of strays and improving animal welfare standards. We believe that sterilization ( spay and neuter) is the most effective and long-term solution in reducing the stray population abandoned by irresponsible owners.
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