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Earthday Jam : Celebrate Our Earth

Food, good music, talks and other activities, the Earth Day Jam is an entertaining way to continuously encourage and remind the public the value of the environment, the importance of cleanliness of our surroundings, and the significance of every living creature, and the role and impact humans have on the planet.
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Founded on:
Mati, Metro Manila, Philippines
The group behind Earthday Jam Foundation has produced various environmental projects since the year 2000. It has partnered with government agencies DENR, DOT, Climate Change Commission, Philippine Tourism Authority or TIEZA, Local Government of Quezon City, Taguig, Dumaguete and Albay and has since created many significant projects to wit: EARTHDAY JAM (running 12 years in celebration of the worldwide Earthday commemoration) ”Baga’t Hangin Musikahan 1 & 2” (in line with the Clean Air Month) “Let’s Care for our Air” & “Let’s Take Care of our Ozone layer”, (TV commercials for the International Clean Air Campaign) ”Ang Hangin Ng Mundo” (Documentary-MTV for EMB-DENR), Environment Protection Waste & Management Animated Videos (for the the QC Govt. environmental campaign), “Sari Saring Himig,Iba’t Ibang Tinig” (for DOT’s Tourism & Environmental Month) , ”Halina, Sama Sama Tayo”(A National Greening Program Song/Recording) . I It has also produced numerous international projects for World Bank ,Government of Norway and US Aid with productions of AVP’s to wit: “Environmental Health”, ”Philippine Environmental Monitor” DVD Compilations and “Philippines Climate Change in Coastal Areas”(A Community Adaptation Approach) and a song/jingles :“Ang Climate Change”. For NGO’s and educational institutions, it has produced a documentary on the global winner project of the UP-Agriculture “Duck Rangers: Rice Ducks To The Rescue” & “The Anilao International Clean Up Party” (in line with Dive Republic and Anilao Batangas’ Clean Up Activity) This year Dimitri Productions, represented by the Earthday Jam Foundation, presents “The Corregidor Coastal Cleanup 2012” with various government agencies and NGOs, academe and the Corregidor Foundation as partners.
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