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Just a little push to get someone back to working again!

Rolly's father has been sick with prostate cancer for some time now. He let go of his brand new car, his savings, to support his dad's hospitalisation. His former company that he worked for has closed shop. Now, he wants to regain back his financial resources thru the MyMaxiLife (a MLM program of Maxceemum Corp.) but he needs a little help. He needs this small amount to pay back his loans (or lose his home) so he can focus on the MyMaxiLife business. For all networkers out there, I'm sure you've been in this situation before. Let's give Rolly another chance to earn decently thru MLM! Let's help this brother out! FYI: Rolly has been in so much stress that he got sick with a skin infection that wasn't getting better with anti-biotics. He was given our product, Maxceemum Vitamin C, and the results were astonishing! This is why he wants to do the MyMaxiLife business to help others too. MLM is a 'relationship' business. It can be a way to bless / minister to people too. I hope this campaign will work well so we can help Rolly get back to his feet, literally and figuratively, and start working again!
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1228 MegaPlaza Building, ADB Avenue,, Pasig, Metro Manila, Philippines
MyMaxiLife is the new MLM (Multi-Level Marketing) program of Maxceemum Corp. We are in the business of changing lives for the better and our members who followed the business can attest to this. However, the MLM industry is not all glitz and glamour. Some were unable to handle financial success and ended up worse. Some chose to work with the wrong company and ended up with nothing. This is where we come in. MyMaxiLife Cares would like to help networkers back to their feet, stronger and wiser.
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