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Adopt a Masjid and Madrasah Campaign

Muslims and non-Muslims are encouraged to help rebuild/rehabilitate calamity-stricken Masjids and Madrasahs.
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31-B A. Lake Street, Barangay Balong-Bato, San Juan, Metro Manila, Philippines
ORGANIZATION PROFILE: Philippine Ulama Congress Organization, Inc. is a religious, non-government organization duly registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission as a non-stock non-profit organization under SEC Registry Number CN200520263. The Purpose of the organization are the following, to wit: 1. To issue Halal Certificate for Food, Non-Food products, Establishments and Services after passing the religious aspect/requirement and the technical aspect/requirement on Halal Standards; 2. To conduct/organize seminars, lectures, briefings and symposiums and exhibits on Halal food and non-food products; 3. To work and engage in establishing Masajids, Arabic Madaris and Islamic Centers; 4. To conduct seminars and lectures about Arabic, Islamic education and Da’wah; 5. To perform translation, Arabic to English/Filipino and vice versa; 6. To conduct and/or support Arabic Language Program to be accredited by government agency/ies; 7. To act/engage as guide (shaykh/murshid) to Muslim Filipinos during HAJJ and UMRAH; 8. To engage in Shari’ah (PD1083) Counseling Services and assist Muslim Filipinos in the registration of their Marriage, Divorce and Conversion Certificates; 9. To acquire properties, real or personal, necessary to carry out the objectives and purposes of the organization; 10. To seek and solicit, accept and receive donations, alms (zakat/sadaqah) and endowments (awqaf), voluntary contributions from both local and abroad. The Philippine Ulama Congress Organization was founded by Late Al-‘Aalim Usman Imam Shiek Al-Aman, a graduate of Shariah Islamic Law and holder of Graduate Diploma on Tarbiyah (Education) at Al-Azhar University, Cairo, Egypt in 1968. He is one of the elder Missionary of Islamic Call Society of Libya in Tokyo, Japan for more than ten (10) years, 1974-1985. He was a Shari’ah Consultant of the Office of Muslim Affairs (National Commission on Muslim Filipinos) from 1993-2000. He is a lecturer of Shari’ah and actively engaged in Da’wah for propagating Islamic Teachings and Values. He is also one of the founders of Manila Islamic Institute or Mahad Manila Al-Islamie, the first madrasa in Manila. The Philippine Ulama Congress Organization is composed mostly of Islamic Scholars (Ulama), Asatidz, Imams, Khateebs and Shari’ah Counselors-at-law. Shari’ah found in the QUR’AN and the SUNNAH and the regulatory standar ds/laws of the government are its guiding principles. It is recognized as a Halal Certifying Body in the Philippines by the Office on Muslim Affairs (National Commission on Muslim Filipinos) and the Department of Trade and Industry. Its social activities are providing necessary assistance to masajids, madaris, in maintaining the salaries of its asatidz, and giving scholarships to deserving Muslim students. It also extends help to calamity-stricken Muslim communities like the internally displaced Muslim brothers and sisters because of Marawi siege. The organization continues to help the Muslim communities in upbringing their moral values through correct Islamic teachings. With the blessing of Allaah the Almighty, the Philippine Ulama Congress Organization will continue its thrust as vicegerent of Islamic faith. The organization commit to propagate the true teaching of Islam which is moderate and balanced. It continues to cooperate with the government and forge partnership for understanding and inclusive development.
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