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Cultivating a Better Ecosystem with Solar Energy

Solar power is a significant source of renewable energy. We are developing a platform that makes it simple, easy and convenient to connect to one another solar consumers, installers, distributors, and manufacturers in one online ecosystem. Whether the need is residential, commercial, agricultural or industrial scale, the online platform is envisioned to be the household-name website of Filipinos when it comes to solar energy.
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Naga City, Camarines Sur, Philippines
We at aim to create and cultivate a sustainable ecosystem for the solar and renewable energy industry from across all market segments with our online platform. Through our business-to-business-to-consumer marketplace, we simplify the process of conveniently linking manufacturers, distributors, retailers, installers and consumers, to scale the growth of solar power as the country’s main source of renewable energy. We bring together and synergize the solar energy industry.
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