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Celebrating Partnership for the Sarangani Bay

Sarangani Bay is located at the southernmost tip of the Philippines, a Protected Seascape under the administration of the Department of Environment and Natural Resources, and is the biggest resource of tuna, milkfish, and other seafoods in the country. General Santos City is even named the Tuna Capital of the Philippines because of the vast resource from the bay. Sarangani Bay is also the home for marine organisms such as green sea turtle (Chelonia mydas) and on some occasions the hawksbill (Eretmochelys imbricata), Whale Sharks, dolphins and Dugong (Dugong dugon). The bay exhibits large diversity of corals and reef fishes, seagrass and mangrove communities. But today, all of these ecological communities are facing threats. Rising economy and industrialization developing in the province of Sarangani and General Santos City. Also posing a threat, are the overexploitation and use of these marine resources (illegal fishing, illegal cutting, docking, etc.), growing population and settlement, mostly coastal, and unmonitored pollution (water, air, land and human wastes). That is why, a convergence was made. Initiated by SPECTRUM, with its current ten (10) NGO/CSO members, in partnership with the local governments of Sarangani, South Cotabato and Gen. Santos City, Dept. of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR), Foundation for the Philippine Environment (FPE), and Mindanao State University-GSC, the convergence plans to gather more stakeholders in the locality, for a unified cause: for the protection and conservation of the Sarangani Bay. Now, SPECTRUM is gathering sponsors and donors for the General Assembly, to discuss plans and developments, and gather more and strengthen partnership through a forum.
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Door 3 Calderon Bldg., Quirino Avenue, Gen. Santos City 9500, General Santos City (dadiangas), Sarangani, Philippines
Sarangani Province Empowerment and Community Transformation Forum, Inc. (SPECTRUM) is a network of seven (7) local Non-Government Organizations (NGOs) and Peoples’ Organizations (POs) working for the developmental needs of the communities in Sarangani Province and General Santos City. SPECTRUM is a Provincial Access and Partnership Center that works closely with the Province towards poverty reduction and empowerment of the communities in Sarangani.
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