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The SmartBite Projekt. An Online Food Park with a Heart.

Imagine it is 7pm, your office has closed and so is the nearby coffee shop soon. Various sandwiches, bagels, muffins and other baked items which were not sold during the day are still sitting on the shelf, still. Pretty soon their fate is clear: They are doomed for the bin, the garbage bin. This is not only happening at the local coffee shop but also at the buffet restaurant nearby, the cake shop around your corner, the supermarket, you name it. It can be any food operator. It is an alarming fact that more than 70% of food operators throw away absolute consumable and fresh food after operating hours - on a daily basis. Every year, trillions of dollars worth of fresh, edible and perfectly safe food are being thrown away by food businesses worldwide. The amount of food waste all over the world contribute significantly to climate change as these food items are not consumed, they rot in landfills and even right on the streets we live in. As they rot, they emit greenhouse gases and it's not just a few wasted food scattered around, they go by the tons all of which emitting dangerous gases into our atmosphere. SmartBite has found a solution by using modern digital technology and combining it with public awareness campaign, we will be able to contribute significantly to the reduction or prevention of this impending global catastrophe. The Smartbiteprojekt Projeckt aims to develop a mobile app and web portal that will: - be a solution for the significant reduction of food waste. - be an effective tool for redistributing excess food - be a platform for consumers to safe, high quality and affordable food - be a conduit for free food for charity The SmartBite Projekt will be your online food park with a heart.
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Makati, Makati, Metro Manila, Philippines
The SmartBite Projekt is a movement that aims to help reduce or eliminate global food waste through the use of modern digital technology. SmartBite's goal is to develop a mobile app and web portal that will be one practical solution that will save the environment from a global catastrophe emanating from food waste, redistribute excess food, increase profitability of food businesses and giving charitable institutions easy access to free food. SmartBite is your online food park with a heart.
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