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Hi all, I am a friend of Pia's Father, and i created this to further seek assistance for Pia's medication and operation. All proceeds will go directly to the family's account so they can use it for her treatment. please read her story for more. https://www.facebook.com/scabob.osicran https://www.facebook.com/pleasesavepia
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Pia's condition  is rare. She was diagnosed with Gastrointestinal Angiodysplasia. It is a cause of unexplained gastrointestinal bleeding and anemia.Lesions are often multiple and frequently involve the cecum or ascending colon.  Davao Doctors Hospital will refer her to St Lukes Hospital in Manila for Argon Plasma Coagulation procedure to cure those lesions and stop the bleeding.So far only St lukes has this machine. 

Sophia Marie "Pia" Narciso just turned 1yr old last October 8, 2017. She was born and residing in Surigao city.She first.vomited blood last Sept 10,2017 she was immediately brought to St Paul Hospital in Surigao but the doctors there ordered that she will be transfered to Cebu as they lack medical facilities to determine her sickness. Pia was then brought to Chong Hua Hospital in Cebu City but the diagnosis was milk allergy. Her milk was changed and for a while the vomiting stopped so they went home to Surigao. But after 2 weeks the vomiting went back.Since Davao City can be reached by land for 8hrs the parents decided to bring her to Davao. Endoscopy was perfromed at Davao Doctors Hospital and it was then when the doctor found out her condition. Davao Doctors Said innitiall we need 300k for the Argon Plasma Coagulatio procedure to stop the bleeding and for other therapy and treatment to be done at St Lukes.

Let us please save baby Pia. Any little amount that we can donate is a big help for them.


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